About Us

I am sure you might have heard of entrepreneurs coming up with a million dollar idea over a drink but not us. We don’t have a fancy story of collage goers thinking to change the world. We came together because we believe in our idea and each other’s potential and we figured out the jig-saw of a complete business model and plan.

We at sociota, were always determined to create a social media management and monitoring tool from the very beginning. Sociota was the brain child of one of us and the engage-ability and the UI/UX was of another over a heavenly ride through a silence. So if u really want to give credit to someone or something for sociota it’s the team of Trident Analytical Solutions.

TAS, as we call it, is the organization in which this platform is developed rather crafted and we have made a great journey from sociota-1.0 to sociota-2.0. We at TAS have always believed that we can do better than the existing products. I would like to draw your attention to a comparison table of sociota and some of the other big players in the market.

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