Social Media Team Management

Social media management and marketing is better in a team. You can delegate management of profiles and have cover when you are away without giving away your log in details. Use our simple team management tool to create, organize and monitor your team.

This is perfect for large corporations who wish to monitor all their social media profiles from one account but want to have different people managing the content for those profiles. The program can be also useful for freelancers in managing their client’s social media profiles by adding them to one account and then spreading the cost of a Sociota membership to all their clients while having the maximum benefit from higher membership.

Your Team

(Avaialable to Corporate Accounts)

Invite team members to join your team with a simple email invitation. Enter their email address and our system will handle the rest. Once they have accepted they will appear in the “Your Team” list below the invitation. From here you can give them access to which social media profiles you would like them to manage, disable their membership or delete them from the team altogether.

Joined Teams

(Avaialable to Corporate Accounts)

You can see which teams you are a member of on our joined teams. Manage your membership to groups and remove yourself from teams you no longer participate in. This is an excellent feature for social media managers who can have their clients join Sociota and have you as a member of their social management team. If your contract with the client ends you can then remove yourself from the team and thus keep your team list looking up to date with little fuss.