Sociota API
(Avaialable to Corporate Accounts)
Socpita API

There is nothing more powerful on the internet than social proof. Our Sociota API is really good at supporting your efforts to prove that you have one of the best social media profiles out there with a report or badge attached to your website / blog.

Our Sociota API allows you to do just that by creating reports and rebranding them to share with your website and blog visitors or use a badge to demonstrate your Sociota score. This can vastly increase the number of followers you have on social media as well as your email subscriptions and possibly revenue.

There are eight different options for you to create a report or badge. So whichever way you want to share the news of your social media prowess, there is an option supplied by Sociota. You don’t even to need to stop at sharing information about your own brand. Create reports on celebrities or other brands and share that with your blog readers, website traffic or social media followers with just a few simple clicks.

Alternatively, become a social media teacher and create a report on how keywords and hashtags are performing in the social media world. Then use these reports on your website or social media streams to teach people how they can use them to maximum effect to grow their social media footprints. Or you could create the reports and keep the information for yourself to identify opportunities in the market to expand your own brand’s reach.

There is no other provider who can supply you with such detailed reports. These reports can benefit you in so many different ways their value is immense. For those with our corporate membership can gain instant access to these reports. These reports can be useful for social media management freelancers to give evidence to their clients on how their work is promoting their clients’ brands.