Increase Reach On Social Media

Are you looking to share your content to a larger audience? Our unique reach multiplier system to share content from other Sociota users and have your own content shared with other users so that you content can reach more people and be shared with more individuals.

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Content Stream

(Available with free account)

See who wants to share what content on our marketplace for the reach multiplier. Each piece of content will have the name of the brand and how many Sociota points, the currency of our platform will be paid when you share the content. Simply by clicking on the share button you can share the content with your followers and received the Sociota points to use in your own reach multiplier campaigns. Sharing great content from other brands is one of the best strategies for gaining new followers on social media. Content exchange is available to all your team members as well. So not only do you gain in-app currency, you can also gain access to a larger audience.

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Your Content

(Available to Premium and Onwards)

Gain extra exposure for your own content with the reach multiplier scheme. Select the piece of content you would like to have shared and the amount of Sociota points you are willing to pay each user who shares your content. This is by far one of the easier ways to have your content shared by users who are looking for great content for their followers. This can also support your efforts to gain new followers and fans when individuals see the best of your content shared by brands they trust and watch all your feeds in your feed watch. Social recognition is one of the best forms of marketing you can benefit from and this is one of the most rewarding methods to get that recognition.