Social Media post Scheduling And Management

Manage your content including the publishing, scheduling, historical and analysis of your content and links with our post management tools.

Post Planner

(Available with free account)

Create content to share with your audience and either post it immediately or schedule it for a future date. Shorten any links in your content via our innovative system or by Then tell the system which group of profiles to post the content to or select the profiles individually. Select the time you would like to post the content at, post it immediately or ask for a suggested time to get the maximum impact from your content.


(Available with free account)
Schedule History

Want to know what content you have posted recently? See your post history including the post, which profile and when it was posted. An excellent facility for re-purposing past social media content. All you have to do is go to the previous post and re-share it by clicking on one of the options available. Alternatively you can copy the text and paste it into the content publisher which is available from every screen in the bottom right corner.

Bulk Schedular

(Available with Premium Plus And Corporate)

Have a lot of content to upload at once? Then use our bulk scheduler to upload the posts in one go. Use either a simple text document with a new line for each piece of content or a CSV document with text, links and images in their columns respectively. Then select the start time, the frequency of distribution and which profiles you want the content to be posted to. Its agreat place for mass twitters who do not wish to sit throuch each of their posts. You can watch all the posts in your feed watch making it easy for you to follow your posts.

Live Content

(Available with free account)
Post Analytics

See who wants to share what content on our marketplace for the reach multiplier. Each piece of content will have the name of the brand and how many Sociota points, the currency of our platform will be paid when you share the content. Simply by clicking on the share button you can share the content with your followers and received the Sociota points to use in your own reach multiplier campaigns. Sharing great content from other brands is one of the best strategies for gaining new followers on social media. Content exchange is available to all your team members as well. So not only do you gain in-app currency, you can also gain access to a larger audience.