Are you looking to share your content to a larger audience? Our unique reach multiplier system to share content from other Sociota users and have your own content shared with other users so that you content can reach more people and be shared with more individuals.

Add Content

(Available to Premium and Onwards)
Post Analytics

Gain extra exposure for your own content with the reach multiplier scheme. Select the piece of content you would like to have shared and the amount of Sociota points you are willing to pay each user who shares your content. This is by far one of the easier ways to have your content shared by users who are looking for great content for their followers. This can also support your efforts to gain new followers and fans when individuals see the best of your content shared by brands they trust and watch all your feeds in your feed watch. Social recognition is one of the best forms of marketing you can benefit from and this is one of the most rewarding methods to get that recognition.

Are you constantly looking for great content to share with your followers? Do you like to receive content from the same trusted sources as part of your social media publishing strategy? Then our RSS feeds can support your campaigns with very little effort from you.

Feed Stream

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Social Media Content Stream

Our RSS feed automatically updates with new content from blogs and sites you are following. The feed contains all the information for you to see what the post is about and gives you access to that site in one click. Assign different content feed with different members of your team making things easy for the you.

Then you can go share this content with your followers so you can give them premium content which they will want to read and share. This will aid in establishing your brand as a center of expertise while also increasing your reach and engagement on our Sociota scores. Also you can make use of sociota API for sharing your content directly form your blog or your site An improved score can be a great social proof to new audiences and help you to expand your business’ social footprint even further.


(Available to Premium and Onwards)
Social Media Feeds

Enter in the details of the blogs and sites you want to follow to see that content posted into your RSS feed. Any new blogs added will have new content inserted to your content stream. You can set instructions for our system to automatically share new content with selected social media profiles similar to bulk update. Alternatively you can leave this and share new content manually.

This is great for bloggers who really want to establish themselves as an expert within their niche and continually provide their following with great content. This method can save you plenty of time in finding and sharing content in your niche allowing you to spend more time on other business related activities.