Social Media Feed Watch

(Available with free account)

Want to know exactly what is happening on all your social media accounts? Would you like to do it from one place? Then our Feed Watch is what you need. The Sociota Feed Watch will display all the updates being posted on your profiles so you can keep up with the latest news, information and details from your friends, clients and connections across all the social media profiles you have connected to Sociota.

Feed Watch

You can then change focus and see how your followers and fans are viewing your content. Each update displayed will provide details such as the number of shares, comments and likes it has received. You can also select the graph symbol to see the viral reach of that particular piece of content.

There are very few social media management programs out there which allow you to achieve so much in just one place. The viral reach, for instance, is perfect for finding opportunities to adjust your strategy and reach more people outside of your main group of followers.

Select which profiles you want to monitor in the top bar and see the feed of those social media profiles below. Each feed is in a column and is clearly labeled for your ease of reading.

The Feed Watch is the best way to directly see how the content you are reading and publishing is being engaging with. A strong engagement is a sign that your material is aligned well with your audience. When you have limited engagement, you can quickly analyze why that may be by looking at your feed for the best performing content and then adjust your campaigns to match.

Any content you wish to re-share or engage with can be done so from this screen. This allows you to easily share trending content at any time with your followers and gain a bigger social media footprint. This is a really popular method for expanding your reach with your social media profiles and is easy to do with Sociota.