Social Media Scoring & Influence Monitoring
If you are looking to improve your social media influence and want to measure your performance on different social networks, then Sociota is one of the best available choices for you.

Suppose you have five pages on Facebook, three handles on Twitter, two different pages on Google and one account on LinkedIn with multiple groups and companies. Your activities are scattered over all these accounts and you are not sure what efforts are giving you the highest return on these profiles. This is where Influence Monitoring comes handy. It lets you quantize your performance over multiple networks and gives you single score that you can work with.

Social Media scoring
Social Media scoring
Social Media scoring
Social Media scoring
What is social media scoring?

We as humans have learned to quantify everything around us. A mathematical value makes things easy for us to understand. We have evolved from counting food and people from prehistoric age to counting distance, amount and time to the present age. We tend to give a number to everything around us to be able to quantify it.

With the exponential growth of Social media in last decade, it was almost unavoidable not quantify ones performance on these networks. Facebook shows number of friends, mutual friends and number of followers. Twitter works with following and followers. Linkedin shows connections and your distance to a person in terms of levels. But none of these metrics take into account your activity on these networks. Neither does anybody give you a score on your collective social media performance.

Now let’s take an example of a friend of mine. This guy has a certain no of followers, friends and connections on Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin. He gets an overwhelming response in terms of shares, retweets, likes and replies on every posts he makes. Comparing him to someone who has larger number of friends but a lesser response rates is not a straightforward task.

This is where the highly analytical and calculative tool of Sociota comes in. We at Sociota have developed a social scoring system which takes into account all the activities happening on every individual account of yours and gives a social score which can be viewed, shared, bragged about and most importantly improved upon.

How do we calculate social scores?

Our highly sophisticated algorithm takes it upon itself to look deep into the weightage of each activity one performs and scales it on a yardstick to quantify it. Not just that, every like, comment, mention, share, retweet and favorite is given a weightage. The frequency and reach of every post along with many other factors are taken into account. All this information is processed through a complex algorithm to give a value to your Social Social foot print.

The detailing doesn't end here. We extended our thought and came to a conclusion that it doesn't make sense if we just give a score to every individual. The system works better when one’s score is compared to everyone else’s to provide a relative score. This not only tells how good an individual is doing in absolute terms but also how good he/she is doing relatively to others.

Social score tells your social media reach. Quote your Sociota score and get people to wonder what it takes to to get better. Brag your score with friends, flaunt your score professionally and let the score talk about your reach and influence. Find people with better score and try to understand what can be done to improve yours. There is a range of purposes your Sociota Score can be used for.

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