Management of Multiple Facebook Accounts using Sociota

Get Sociotized to manage facebook accounts Facebook is a unique social media site. Among so many of them FaceBook is the only Network which is personal as well as global at the same time. FaceBook is I think the single biggest choice for most of the brands or business or even individuals to project their personality to the world. When you represent a brand you represent different image to different potential customers,or may be you are an agency who manages multiple clients and thus have multiple facebook accounts to management. What ever the case may be Sociota solves the purpose reducing you time and effort and make you more productive. Here is how Sociota helps.

Cross platform Multiple posting and scheduling

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Sociota comes in handy for all kind of cross platform posting. The Sociota’s omnipresent scheduler is a single click post scheduler available throughout the site. Its a panel where you can make your posts with an inbuilt link shortener and image upload capability and obviously a textbox to type in the message with character count. Every post can be viewed and analyzed for its virality score and comments/likes on it. All kind of comparative, like cross account comparison or facebook competitor analysis, can be done and the reports can generated for self assessment or client reporting.

Similarly for Facebook Page management, All you need to do is select pages while posting or analyzing for an in-depth analysis on four matrices, Reach, Engagement, Activity and sentiment. Sociota provides locale details and geography based analysis. If you wish to group our accounts All you need to do is create a group is add accounts to the group. One account can be in different groups and all the relevant postings can be done is just one go.

Analysis and Reporting

if you are on social media you are always promoting, if not a product may be its brand YOU!!

We all carry a personal image on our social media accounts, a geek, troller, loud, subtle or maybe just a anonymous friendly person. Whatever is you type you may wish a track of it all or in case of an agency one need to report the progress to the clients. Well Sociota is provides a comprehensive set of analytics to track the progress of your accounts/pages in real time.

Analyse all your accounts on four different matrices and get an indepth insight as to what works and what doesn’t. Insights like post split i.e. link, image and text split, geography and locale details and many more. Monitor a hash-tag/keyword and get insight on its post pattern to figure out the best time to post. You can also do competitor analysis to figure out what are the best practices that they are following to get the kind of traction they are getting on their accounts/pages.

facebook analytics

Why Sociota and not something else?

Along with the features mentioned above, Sociota provides a range of other tools which are handy for an overall Multiple Facebook account management. Some of them are

  • Like exchange: A place where you can feature your pages for people to like them hence you increase your potential customers.
  • Content exchange: Share all kinds of user generated content, as they say content is king so make best use of it. Also feature your content for other to post and hence increase its reach.
  • RSS Feeds: Post all your favorite blogs directly to your accounts, add your own feeds and set the frequency of post to equally distribute the flow of posts.