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What is new in Sociota 3.2

What is new in Sociota 3.2
by Sociota Posted on Saturday, November 15, 2014
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The current version of Sociota is the next generation Social Media Dashboard that uses the power of collaborative social media analytics. What this means is that any keyword or profile once Sociotized and made public, remains available for others to view in the future too. Similarly, all the keywords sociotized by others remain available for you too. Following is a breakdown of the services offered on Sociota.


Social Media Monitoring

Getting Sociotized is the key to effective social media monitoring. It enables to monitor all your keywords and profiles on a single screen. Sociota keeps a track of all the sociotized profiles and scores them on four important aspects, Reach, Activity, Engagement as well as Sentiment.

  • Competitor Analysis

    Competitor analysis on social media is available only on a handful of platforms. This is due to the API restrictions, and availability of quality data. MagicBox at Sociota, solves this problem comprehensively. You don’t even need to have access to a profile to be able to analyze or score it. All you need is the URL of the profile you want to track. Here is a sample report generated by MagicBox on the popular social media dashboards:


  • Profiling and Scoring

    Sociota lets you create your own public profiles that can be used professionally to flaunt your social media skills. You can attach any number of social media pages to your profile. All your pages are scored using a cutting edge algorithm to measure your performance and identify the areas for improvement. You are also given an aggregate score based on your attached pages. This score is calculated on four important metrics i.e. Reach, Activity, Engagement and Sentiment.


  • Keyword Tracking

    Sociota lets you track your keywords like never before. Because of collaborative nature of our analytics, you get to track not only the keywords which are added by you, but also the ones which are added by others in the past. You can easily identify top influencers, related keywords along with the sentiment and type of updates using our keyword panel. Here are the links to some of the keywords sociotized by our users

    a. SMM

    b. #SMM



  • Real Time Data Fetching

    Once sociotized, your keywords and profiles are regularly monitored and scored. You can set the frequency of updates as per your preferences. Every time your Sociotized profiles or keywords are updated with new data, you get an email notification so that you can take instant action.



Social Media Management

Sociota also offers a complete range of social media management solutions for multiple networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and LinkedIn. Try our rich dashboard today to check out these services yourself.

  • Posting & Scheduling

    Scheduling regular updates is the best known method to generate long lasting traffic on your profiles and pages. You can easily schedule regular updates on your social media profiles and pages using Sociota. The platform comes with an omnipresent multipurpose scheduler, a bulk scheduler and a link shortener to bring a seamless posting experience.


  • Follower Management

    Engaging regularly with your follower base is the key to effective social media management. Sociota lets you analyze your followers and engage with them smartly. You can also auto follow or auto message all your new followers without your regular intervention.


  • Team Management

    Real time team management for communication with your team members and job assignment is another thing we have invested our energy on. You can chat with your team members and colleagues, assign them jobs and get their feedback in real time from within the panel.


  • Content & Like Exchange

    If you are looking for quick followers for your profiles or a quick reach for your content without spending your money on inorganic likes, content and like exchanges is the way to go for you. You can feature your profile and content on Sociota and that will be shared with our user base. Users can share your content for an exchange of points which can be redeemed by getting likes and shares on their own profiles.



  • Content Aggregation

    Finding good content to post regularly is one of the biggest headaches if you are managing social media campaigns. Sociota solves that problem by making content available from a wide range of sources on internet. Not just that, you can also add your own sources and RSS feeds. This ready to be shared content can also be scheduled to post automatically on your profiles.

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