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Use Your Social Media Profiles and Get Sociotized

Use Your Social Media Profiles and Get Sociotized
by Priyanka Sharma Posted on Saturday, January 10, 2015
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Sociota is a Simple, fast, affordable social media platform that enables its users to monitor and manage multiple pages and profiles via single dashboard. Sociota keeps a track of all the sociotized profiles and scores them on four basic factors - Reach, Activity, Engagement and Sentiment. You can Sociotize keywords or profiles you want to track and make their reports available publicily which can be viewed in future too. Here is a demo on how to get Sociotized using your social media profiles

Sociota helps you to have an indepth Competitor Analysis, Keyword tracking, Follower management, Team management, Content and like exchange, Content Aggregation, Auto follow, Direct message,  bulk scheduling, posting, and many more.

Sociota will become an essential part of our social strategy as its dedicated and specialised team of social media management and social media monitoring experts is available 24*7 to assist its users.

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