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The 80- 20 rule of social media engagement

The 80- 20 rule of social media engagement
by Nikhil Tiwari Posted on Friday, September 26, 2014
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In any game out there, rules govern the conduct and how players are supposed to relate with eachother. Social media engagement is also like a game, where rules apply, if any business plays by these rules chances of success are very high. The 80 -20 rules is often cited as one of the most important in social media engagement. Sadly this rule is broken right, left and centre. The rule states that any business should post eight percent about the customer while only twenty percent should be about the business. Most business flaunt this rule, they spend considerable space and time sending content about themselves and their brands. The content is self absorbed and unaware of the customer needs. Small business need to practice this rule as it is the only way that their customers will feel valued and at the same time be compelled to take action. They need to make sure that eighty percent of what is distributed through the social media platform is about the customer, their interests, needs as well as the available solutions to their problems. Only twenty percent should be about the business and the owners.

Just like in the real world, listening on social media is very important, this might not translate to the actual listening, but it relates to carefully analyzing the customer feedback and acting on it. One of the main reasons why social media networks exist is to have a platform where we can exchange ideas and benefit from such a process. If the feedback that the customer gives is not acted upon, the business in that case will risk losing customers to an establishment which listens and act on the feedback given. Listening to the customer helps in knowing their needs, with such information a business will be in a position of engagement. As Strauss points out, listening is an important component as the business will also be in a position to understand how the customer feels about the products. Talking to the customers helps in understanding their needs and to a large extent what they are willing to buy.

A business which aims at improving its social media engagement should focus more on their customer needs. Although the information about the business is an important selling component, it should not dominate the content; rather it should be skewed towards the customer. Offer information on what they can get from you, let them give as much information as possible, document this and ensure that response given match with dreams and aspirations of your business. Once you let the customer talk, and have a sharp listening capacity, you will establish what is needed and come up with a solution on how it can be delivered. Too much information about the business without presenting a chance for the customers to engage will not only make the customer disinterested but also have a negative effect on the business. Therefore it is important that business social media engagement keeps the customer interested and at the same time feel free to offer feedback.

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