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Social Media Statistics Your Should Know

Social Media Statistics Your Should Know
by Nikhil Tiwari Posted on Saturday, October 18, 2014
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Very often social media is one of the best ways to communicate with your potential customers. Often, businesses advertising the use of social media marketing, concentrate on the how to use it, but only a few will tell why to use it. Those that do tell you will often only provide a few select statistics on why it is important.

So, at Sociota, we’ve decided to publish a number of statistics that show why social media is an important marketing avenue.

• 96% of all 18-35 year olds in America are using at least one social media profile.

• 3 out of 5 50-60 year olds are active on at least one social media profile.

• 71% of social media users will access their accounts from a mobile device.

• The average American spends 16 minutes of every hour on Facebook.

• The average Australian spends 14 minutes of every hour on Facebook.

• The average Brit spends 13 minutes of every hour on Facebook.

• Facebook usage has increased 40% since 2013.

• There are 300,000 new users on Twitter every single day.

• Twitter has the highest growth of all social media platforms at 44% year on year.

• Facebook’s user base grows 23% year on year.

• Google+ increased its user base by 33% between 2012 and 2013.

• 23% of Facebook users log into their account five times a day.

• 47% of Facebook users say that the network is their main purchasing influencer.

• 70% of businesses will market their products and services on Facebook.

• It is expected that by 2016, Google+ will surpass Facebook in social sharing.

• There are over 1 billion Google+ enabled accounts.

• Over one third of Google+ accounts are active every month.

• 45-54 year olds have increased their usage on Google+ by 56% since 2012.

• Google+ has only been around for three years.

• Twitter outperforms LinkedIn and Facebook 9 to 1 in lead generation.

• 34% of marketers use Twitter to successfully generate leads.

• There are over 550 million registered users on Twitter.

• Twitter and Youtube have the highest registered user to active user ratios at 50%.

• 78% of social media users trust peer recommendations.

• 2.5 billion photos are uploaded to Facebook every month.

• The second largest search engine on the web is YouTube.

• 15% of bloggers will spend more than 10 hours a week blogging.

• Social media users are 18% more likely to use a gym or health club.

• Social media users are 19% more likely to attend a sporting event.

• Social media users are 26% more likely to provide their opinion on current events.

• 54% of consumers believe smaller communities have a greater influence than larger communities.

• 70% of marketers believe social media is best used to grow awareness for a brand.

• 80% of Facebook users prefer to contact a brand through the social media platform.

• $45 is the typical compensation received after customers complain via social media/

• 51% of customers believe complaining online will resolve their query quickly 


The above statistics show that social media is not just about sales. It can be used for relationship building, growing awareness for your brand and customer service. The biggest problem your business may face is how to use and what platforms to use. However, with Sociota the solution is simple, our tool provides you with the option to manage many different profiles from one dashboard; giving you greater control and chances to exponentially increase your online profile, gain customers and make sales.

Why not share some of the statistics above.

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