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Should You Automatically Share Content From Twitter To Facebook?

Should You Automatically Share Content From Twitter To Facebook?
by Priyanka Sharma Posted on Tuesday, November 11, 2014
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There has been a long standing relationship between the two social media network rivals. Instead of being fierce rivals that insist you use one or the other, they allow you to share content between platforms automatically.

This is great for those businesses and individuals that want to share the same content with both platforms on a regular basis. However, is it automatically a good idea?

The Advantages

The biggest advantage is that automatically sharing the same content on Facebook and Twitter allows you align your social media campaigns and provide a consistent profile. This will provide a positive presence on social media to those who are looking at both accounts and seeing that your online marketing is thought-out and scheduled in perfectly.

It also saves you time, you don’t have to enter in the same information twice and you don’t need to log into both systems. Simply write your content on Twitter and it will automatically be sent off to Facebook or vice versa. This can be great for those businesses or social media managers that have limited time and just want to maintain a presence on social media for lead generation or brand awareness.

There is also the advantage that since Facebook started to allow hashtags to be used within their posts, you can use the same hashtags to grab similar audiences on both platforms. This then allows you to automatically create awareness for both your social media profiles and grow both followings with little wasted time.


The process of automatically sharing content from Twitter to Facebook, and vice versa, has several problems. The first is the fact that both platforms have different best practices when it comes to creating content. 

Twitter users prefer content that is between 80 to 120 characters long with two hashtags and a shortened URL. However, Facebook likes longer content, often 100-120 words with a good image and a strong identifiable URL. Also, many Facebook users are still opposed to hashtags and feel it is not suitable to include them.

At the same time, Twitter only allows 140 characters, so Facebook to Twitter updates tend to be cut off before the whole message is included. This can limit the click through rate. In some cases the automatic sharing can create an abandonment problem, as instead of creating a one step process to get to your main content, the Twitter user has to click through to the Facebook update before clicking through to the main article. For many users this is simply an online journey that is too long.

Finally, Twitter to Facebook or Facebook to Twitter sharing can seem like spam to many users. This is especially true if you upload the same content to both profiles manually or you upload an album to your Facebook account as each photo will be shared individually with your Twitter account.

Coming across as spammy on social media can be really devastating to your account; many will leave and may never return. They might also create negative feedback on the social media platform which will damage your reputation.

The Alternative

Instead of enabling the Facebook to Twitter or the Twitter to Facebook function, you should sign up to a social media management tool like Sociota. The platform allows you to create content for both platforms individually or share one piece of content on both. Content can be scheduled so that you are able to have campaigns aligned and look highly professional. This tactic allows you to build a better social media campaign, grow your presence online and generate more leads.

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