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How To Gain Social Mentions

How To Gain Social Mentions
by Priyanka Sharma Posted on Saturday, November 1, 2014
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Part of your overall strategy when creating social media plans should be to increase the reach ofyour brand by gaining social shares and mentions. Social shares are very easy to accumulate on any network and only require you to have a following and some good content. Social mentions on the other hand require you to have a completely different approach.

There are several strategies to develop if you would like your social media accounts mentioned and here are a few to give you ideas.

Write Great Content

The first thing you need to do is to write great content on your blog and landing pages. Create content that people are going to want to share and comment upon to their own audiences without you prompting them. You can encourage this by creating topics you know people are searching for while at the same time have little competition.

This can be easily achieved by using Google Adwords’ Keyword planner and searching for terms related to your products with high search volumes but low competition. If there is low competition then more people will be finding your content and sharing it with their audiences.

Be Featured On Third Parties

There are several ways you can be featured on third party websites. The first option is to guest post on their blogs. This is very time consuming but can also be very rewarding. It increases your authority in an industry and improves the SEO of your main website when your guest post links to it.

It is also important to consider that your guest post will be advertised by the host.

Alternatively, and taking up less time, you can be quoted in media articles. Using sites like HARO you can discover opportunities with major and minor news outlets to quote you in your area of expertise in exchange for a link to your site and your name. This is a great way to grab a social mention and solidifies your authority. It also gives you great SEO, especially if you have a quote from a large outlet like The New York Times or The Guardian.

Be Social

Being a good social partner on the networks may sound like an obvious choice, but many brands, especially big ones don’t do it. While the big brands can afford to ignore the social aspects because of the way that their image attracts customers, smaller brands need to be more inclusive. 

By interacting with your followers, whether on Twitter, Facebook or Google+, you will encourage them to mention you to other followers. The most common example of this would be the #followfriday theme on Twitter. If you are really social, provide good content and entertain your audience, it is likely people will mention your brand on a Friday. The same can be said for Wednesday.

Part of the key to this is to name drop a few people you know that your audience may be interested in getting to know as well. When you do a few #followfriday tweets you may find that a few others will do one for you.

Likewise, share content from others and see how they thank you for your contribution. You may initially be sharing their content and expanding their brand’s reach – but when they say thank you,they are doing the same for you.


Social mentions are an important social media metric to underline how your campaigns are performing. There are a few ways to encourage them and if you are struggling you could attempt the options as described above. After you have started using this you should see your social media reach expand, leads increase and your brand’s revenue improve.

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