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Do You Want A Powerful Management Tool For Free?

Do You Want A Powerful Management Tool For Free?
by Nikhil Tiwari Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Sociota offers four levels for members to sign up to. This article is going to focus on the free, regular, account you can sign up for. Our regular account is perfect for individuals or those just starting out and wanting to give our management program a try.

Even though we offer our regular account for free, many powerful tools are still available for you. We believe our management system is far more generous than other management systems available. For instance, one account can have an unlimited number of social media profiles attached.

You can also monitor each profile’s social media score an unlimited amount of times. This is great for keeping track of your brand’s trend on social media.

There is no other social media management platform that allows for this flexibility. However, other functions are more limited than our premium packages. For instance, in our RSS Feeds you can only access free content and you can only schedule 100 posts per month.

In addition, we do not automatically provide any Sociota points which can be very useful in expanding the reach of your brand. You can share posts and like pages of other users, however you cannot use the points collected in the marketing of your own content.

Even without this powerful social media marketing tool at your disposal, there is still plenty of effective tools available for you to manage your account.

You can also group your updates to post to multiple platforms at the same time with our system. Groupings can include all your profiles or pre-determined groups for ease of separation of brands or audiences.

This can save you time as you only need to create the content once for all the platforms.

So if you are interested in a free social media management program, offering you unrivalled control over all your Facebook pages and Twitter accounts, then check out the Sociota regular package.

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