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Common Tweeting Mistakes

Common Tweeting Mistakes
by Priyanka Sharma Posted on Friday, October 31, 2014
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Twitter is flooded with brands that often make mistakes when they are constructing their online campaigns. A poorly delivered campaign does not just limit your traffic and lead generation. It can severely damage your reputation online and whether Twitter will remove your account. All it takes is for a few people on the platform to complain about your behaviour for your account to be suspended – forcing you to start again from scratch.

So here are several common errors to avoid on Twitter and why they are important.

1. Buying Followers

There are numerous accounts on Twitter set up to search out new brands or brands with minimum followers and encourage them to buy their following list. While this may sound good in theory this is the worst mistake that you could make.

Firstly, it goes against Twitter’s terms and conditions and they look out for brands that suddenly have a spike in their following. Therefore, your one purchase could result in a very quick ban. 

Secondly, you need to consider whether any of the followers you are getting are going to be interested in what you have to say. It is likely that this will not be the case. The people attaching themselves to your brand in these instances are normally inactive accounts the seller has gained access to.

A quick confirmation of how bad this could be for your brand should be to look at their followers. If they’re offering 1000, 5000 or 10000 followers but don’t have that many, it demonstrates there is a problem with their service.

2. Cold Calling Your Potential Clients

Twitter has its very own version of cold calling. It is essentially when a business posts a message which reads like:-

“@username – check out our [product]. We think you could benefit from it”

This has several problems associated with it. Firstly it is intrusive to the reader. Many Twitter users aren’t on there to receive such messages – they want to interact with the brands rather than be sold to. Secondly, it can be classed as spam, especially if you do this several times to different people. This could get you banned from the social media network. Thirdly, it is rather ineffective. Twitter is a mass media tool, specifically talking to one person is under utilising the platform and narrowing your options.

It is important to note only 1% of online sales originate from social media but 40% of consumers use Twitter to research brands and products. Also, cold calling (or cold messaging in this case) is only trusted by 10% of the population, whereas blogging and email is trusted by 80% of the population.Therefore, instead of tricking them to see your products, provide eye catching content to draw them to your blog and sign them up to an email address.

3. The One Night Twitter Stand

This is only of the biggest problems with Twitter, brands who follow others to gain their follow back only to stop following later on. This is a sneaky method to grow your following and certainly not a way to build trust with your audience. Research has found an increase in trust leads to greater sales, therefore eroding that trust can be detrimental.

Also you need to consider that social media is about building a relationship, not about sales. Very few long term relationships are developed from this tactic.


Twitter is an excellent platform to discover and cultivate potential new customers. However, many businesses attempt to rush this with the above methods and they often end up badly. Instead, use proper tactics to engage your audience and convince them to visit your website and sign up to your mailing list.

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