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Best Practices For Twitter

Best Practices For Twitter
by Nikhil Tiwari Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014
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The growth of Twitter has been extraordinary. According to the social media giant it took them three years, two months and one day to get from the one tweet to the billionth tweet. Now it takes less than one week for that number to be sent.

There is a lot of social media ‘noise’ so it can be hard to get your message across and attract the attention of your intended audience. In some cases, accounts revert to poor tactics such as spamming and buying followers to get more attention on the brand. However, there are simpler and more cost effective ways to get the attention your brand deserves. Here are some of them:

1. Shorten Your Tweets

Keeping your tweets short has several benefits. Firstly, research has shown that shorter tweets have greater shares and interactions; however the exact number of characters is debated. Some research states that you need to keep tweets between 80 and 100 characters while others will say 120 to 130 is the best length. Experiment with both to find out what works with your audience.

By not using all 140 characters you provide more space for your sharers to add in the “RT @username” without the loss of keywords because they’ve had to edit your original copy. Therefore, you shares will be seen in the original context you intended.

2. Cite Other Twitter Users

No matter if you are sharing a quote, statistic or article from another brand or user, include their Twitter handle in the tweet. This will improve the chances they will see your mention of them and they will share it with their audience as social proof of their authority in the field. This will also benefit you by gaining you more followers as your content is spread allowing you to reach more potential customers in the long term.

3. Understand The Difference Between Replies And Mentions

There are many users who don’t understand the difference between a reply or a mention. A reply is when someone has directly written back to you on the public feed in order to ask you a question, make a comment or engage you in conversation. A mention is when someone name drops you in their content. Here are two examples:

@Sociota: how much are your Premium packages? – a reply

Get a free month’s trial with any package with @sociota – a mention

Both allow you to get exposure to your followers and those that you mentioned / replied. However, expect the reply to get a response whereas a mention is likely to have a retweet.

4. Use Hashtags Sparingly

The number of hashtags you use in your content can be important in the number of shares your 

content has. Research has shown Twitter users do not like more than two hashtags to be used within content. If you do only use two hashtags, and they are relevant to the topic, you can expect to see a 21% increase in engagement.

5. Don’t Force The Use Of Trending Hashtags

There are times when hashtags will be trending on Twitter. It is a great part of your campaign if you can use these trending hashtags, but don’t force it. Many businesses have done this to find out they’ve been chastised by users who point the trending topic is because of a natural disaster, crime or some other unfortunate incident.

The simple lesson here is: if the hashtag has little relevance to your brand don’t use it.

6. Use Visual Content

Inserting images associated with your content will increase the visual appeal and attract more shares and interactions. Some research has stated that interactions can increase by 21% on Twitter through the use of an image.

To ensure you are getting the most of your images don’t share images from your instagram account directly with your Twitter account. These images are not indexed or prominently displayed on your Twitter feed and therefore lose their advantage. Also research has shown that those loaded directly to Twitter rather than shared via Instagram receive five times the amount of interactions.

7. Placement Of Links

Place your links approximately 25% of the way through the published content. This has been proven to have a higher number of click throughs compared to similar tweets where the links are placed at the end of the content. This is because so few users do this, so it looks unusual and grabs the attention of the reader quicker.

8. Include Links To Employee Profile Bios

Your Twitter campaigns can be made stronger through your employee’s bios. Encourage them to share your handle in their Twitter bio information. This will give you more traffic and demonstrate the expertise you are currently employing in your company – increasing your industry authority.

9. Use Shortened Links

Space on Twitter updates is valuable. With only 140 characters you cannot waste any on oversized URLs. Therefore use services like, and others to shorten the URLs and give you more space to write valuable content.


Twitter is a powerful brand marketing platform for your business. Use it correctly and you can generate significant interest for your business, increase leads and boost revenue. Follow the advice above to optimise your Twitter campaigns and receive those benefits.

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