Social media Reporting

Keep an eye on how your social media profiles are performing in comparison to your competitors or hashtags with our advanced Social Media Reporting function. Simply enter in the details of your competitors and/or the hashtags and then your account to create a report. Each report will show you how your profile is performing on summary, reach, activity, engagement and sentiment.

Create Report

There are two boxes on this page named hashtag/keywords, profile/page, Your accounts. Enter a keyword or a hash tag you want to monitor in the first box, a twitter handel or a facebook page or a Facebook Account in the second and add one of your accounts in the thrid box. You can choose a combination of the three boxes for example only your account or only hashtag or may be a combination of these and hit the green button to generate a report. The reports thus generated have five elements on it called:


A basic overview of the performance of your account. This general overview allows you to see at a quick glance whether your campaigns are reaching the people they need and whether your social media profile is attracting the attention it deserves . A low score can mean there is improvement required in your strategy.


A metric analyzing your followers and friends including their influence on social media(Click here to increase your reach). The better connected your followers and those you are following the better your reach score will be. Increase your reach score by connecting with influential individuals within your industry and encourage more people to like your profile.


Are you posting frequently or are your activities really not matching the best in the industry. This metric measures how often and when you are posting your content and analyses whether you are making the most of the opportunities. Improve your score by increasing the frequency of your updates or post at more effective times.


See how your audience is reacting to your published content. This tab will show you exactly how your content is being interacted with including your most popular social media updates. Increase your engagement by adjusting your future content to attract more people to share, like and quote you.


A complex analysis of the sentiment attached to the text used within your content by the community. Great for knowing whether you are aligning your content with your audience. If you want to increase your sentiment score simply monitor what your targeted audience is saying and join in the conversation. Look for Keyword analysis to figure this out

Magic Box Saved Reports
Saved Reports

(Snapshot with Premium and Live with Premium Plus)

Every report you have ever created will be logged in this section. You can Set a frequency to every report for an auto update and it will automatically update them at that requency hence the reports thus made getter better with time with thicker data. You can share these reports with your friends or on your blog for further reference.

Keep monitoring your performance by having these reports updated automatically every day - the best way to see how Sociota is improving your social media management.