Social Media Management
Social Media Management is the most important aspect of Sociota. It allows you to manage multiple social media profiles from Twitter, Facebook without leaving your dashboard. It's a great way to save your time and improve your productivity. The dashboard is designed to let you listen, engage and manage all from one simple interface. We have provided all the needed tools to engage your audience and grow your social footprint organically. Following are some of the premium features that are part of our social media management dashboard.
sociota dashboard screenshot
The Networks We Are Currently Supporting

With Sociota's Facebook integration, you have all the tools to post updates / images, monitor feeds as well as manage pages, profiles and groups. Not just that, you can search & monitor the facebook and listen to the industry conversations to give you an edge in your social media awareness.
You can use Sociota to send and schedule tweets as well as listen, search and track the twitter streams. You can watch your followers & followings and get the useful statistics about them. And all this is possible with multiple accounts at the same time. You don't need to keep switching between them to Manage them.
Sociota allows you connect with clients, broatcast news and monitor industry wide conversations on LinkedIn. With sociota, you can not only post on your profiles but also on your company pages and groups.
Google Plus
Sociota's Google+ integration allows you to share your content on Google +, comment on posts, search public posts as well as see the user & home feeds. You can use our dashboard to manage not only the profiles but also your Google + pages.