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The best social media platform for your business

The best social media platform for your business
by Nitin Tripathi Posted on Thursday, September 25, 2014
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One question that many small business owners ask revolves around choosing the best social media network for their marketing campaigns. One thing that comes out of such a question is the fact that small businesses have realized the huge opportunity presented by social media in marketing their businesses. According to Steve Strauss the writer of the best seller book titled Small Business Bible ,the marketing world has changed over the period of time, he asserts that the changes has made it easy for businesses to reach out to potential customers ,more easily and cost effectively. You can manage multiple Facebook accounts

While there are many social platforms at disposal Strauss advised that the best bet for any business is selecting a single social network and capitalizing on it as far as reaching the market is concerned. Strauss argues that a business does not have to spread itself too thin across the available networks. This runs the risk of overwhelming the team with tasks and new technologies. Strauss advises the business owners to choose one platform while bearing in mind that what might be the personal favorite might not work well for the business. LinkedIn is the best when it comes to sourcing leads or for networking purposes, since it is easy to find like minded entrepreneurs who can be of help when it comes to problem solving. Small business normally face similar problem, therefore getting a platform which offers a chance to share will not only help in marketing but also in solving some of the problems which may be afflicting the business.

Twitter according to Strauss is the best bet for professional service business, for those who are looking to establishing themselves as experts in their field this is the best bet. Facebook works well for hospitality and retail businesses, if the business is offering some promotional offers, this platform works magic. If the number of followers is worth talking about, the effects of any announcement which promises offers and discounts will have a magical response. As for Pinterest, the business targeting female demographic or basically those dealing with consumer goods fit here well as the level of engagement is higher than any other network.

Social media campaigns require patience and persistence, there are many businesses which have ventured in this platform with a mentality that they will reap benefits immediately. Strauss says that most small business do a disservice through setting unrealistic targets upon joining the social media or expecting a return on investment too soon. A six month waiting period is realistic as far as expecting results is concerned. If you are look for short term success, this might not be the place for you, chances of getting frustrated along the way are very high making the business to loose focus. Therefore apart from identifying which social media platform work best for your kind of business, it is important to be patient as well as set targets which are achievable. Doing it any other way will lead to frustrations, something that can greatly affect your business.


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