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Social Media Tool Vs Twitter and Facebook Linking.

Social Media Tool Vs Twitter and Facebook Linking.
by Nitin Tripathi Posted on Friday, September 26, 2014
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With the ever expanding size and the utility of social media it will be ingenious of us to ignore it and go about our business. Social Media Management is the business today. Its hard to ignore the single biggest driving force in todays world and act like an ostrich. Social media in today’s world has multiple faces. Its a statement one makes about one’s self ,or in terms of business, the brand.


Facebook today claims about 1.3 billion users, of which roughly 700 million are active ones. what does these numbers say? why are people so hooked on to facebook? The answer, as most claim, is not that simple. Documentation of your thoughts is such a fascinating idea. In earlier days such a documentation was called a book, a novel or a collection of a short stories. then came the concept of a blog. Shorter and to the point opinion on a topic and the sharing was easy.But little did a blog tell about the writer. Even books had a preface to explain what ever little it could about the writer or the state he/she was in when it was writter. The point i am trying to come to is if one knows the background of the writer or where he is from and what he/she does it gives a much better picture of the content. The writer need not create a story around the thought.


An update by a 50 something about the Ukraine crisis tells what the thought process of the writer was and what is his/her experience is just by looking at their facebook account. This is what facebook does. The story around any comment or update is very personal and it strikes a chord with every reader on a personal level.


Talking about twitter. I think its a chatter box. Being anonymous is the best part of twitter. You can be who ever you want to be. Your deepest darkest thoughts can be talked about without being judged. Twitter is for people who want to discus scarlett johansson’s hair color in avengers or eric bana’s six pack in troy. Its like a pepperazzi media where one can explain almost nothing but can say all 140 characters. Pepperazzi because its always controversial and opinionated. the user base of twitter is works on the principle of self personification of a higher being . “i dont care what who you are where you from as long as you follow me” attitude is what drives twitter.


Twitter and facebook are like two job seekers who compete as well as complement each other yet have a rivalry. Facebook is like a file of information about the user twitter is a list of opinion. Where one fails the other takes over yet not replacing each other. They are like thor and loki born out of same needs and with similar qualities but one is naughty and the other is not. They love each other but are competitive towards each other. Neither can replace the other and on a showdown none will win.


As a user we do realize that we need both. “What if i want to be anonymous or what if i want to know everything about my friend”. Bother facebook and twitter seem to have married each other with the latest collective posting available. I call it a marriage because there is little freedom and once you link the two there is no going back in terms of collectiveness. The process of unlinking is as complex and filing as a divorce. We live in a world where personal space is of utmost importance. linking two accounts sucks in your flexibility.


Here comes the concept of a live-in relation. Not in real life but among your your social media accounts. the concept is called Social Media Management, softwares collectively called Social Media Tools. As far as I know there are more live-in integration than linking. over the top reasons


  • Freedom and Flexibility.

  • pick and choose accounts and mix and match updated.

  • no compulsion on together-ness in terms of updates.


A social media tool can provide you with a luxury of freedom and togetherness of multiple facebook account and multiple twitter accounts at the same time. integrating your account to social media tool is like renting a house together with complete access to freedom at the same time you are never alone.


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