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How To Generate More Interest In Your Tweets?

How To Generate More Interest In Your Tweets?
by Priyanka Sharma Posted on Friday, November 14, 2014
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Are you looking for a better response to your content on Twitter? Are you hoping you can generate more traffic, leads and sales through Twitter and the content you publish? Then read these tips about how you can improve your Twitter updates to gain more shares, comments and followers.

1. Include An Image Or Video

Images are one of the most important aspects of social media. Twitter allows you to connect images and even videos to your updates that can be viewed through their interface. This can be a powerful tool. Research has shown that attaching graphics to your Twitter updates encourages interaction.

The images that perform the best on social media are often animals or children. Besides this, a smiling face, looking into the camera, will often perform well. However, the image needs to be relevant to the content you are linking to. For instance, you should not create a post about social media management and include an image of a dog.

2. Link Shortening

The most clicked through links on social media are shortened URLs. or Sociota’s own link shortening tool are excellent methods for decreasing the size of your URLs and making them look highly professional.

3. Link Positioning

The position of your link is very important. Research has demonstrated that by having it at the end of the content is not the best location. In fact, research has shown that by positioning the link approximately 25% of the way through the post, you will achieve more shares and greater leads.

For many social media managers this can seem difficult without splitting sentences in half. However, this can be easily done by using the first two to three words as a topic indicator, then adding in the link before finally writing a content specific message. Examples are below:

#socialmedia tips LINK How to get the most out of your #twitter updates.

#socialmedia support LINK Use Sociota to build your audience with limited resources.

Alternatively, you could post the link at the beginning of the tweet to gain a greater number of clicks, but a lower rate of shares. 

4. Use Hashtags In The Right Place

Many brands online use hashtags at the end of the messages to announce what the topic is about. However, many consumers and other users believe this looks unprofessional, spammy and unappealing. The best performing Twitter updates are those that use hashtags within the main body of the message.

This has several benefits. Firstly it conforms more to what users want and has a higher interaction rate. Secondly it decreases the number of characters required in each message. As you should attempt to use only 80-120 characters in each Tweet, to allow other users to insert the RT @username to the front of your content, this can be a huge support.

5. Share The New Articles Three Times A Day

If you want to draw attention to your brand’s new published blog content, then you should share the news of the latest release multiple times a day. The ideal amount of announcements would be three: at least two of these should be before midday with one at approximately 11am when there is a peak in the interaction rate on Twitter.

You should also share new content on a Saturday, when there is a rise in the amount of interactions.


Twitter is one of the best performing social media networks that can provide your business with website visitors, leads and sales. However, you need to optimise your content so that it appeals to your target audience. Use the above tips in your Twitter updates to ensure they are performing at their best and so you can grow your business’ awareness on the social network.

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