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How Does Sociota Compare To Other Social Media Management Sites?

How Does Sociota Compare To Other Social Media Management Sites?
by Sociota Posted on Thursday, September 18, 2014
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It would be hard for Sociota to ignore the fact there are other social media management sites available. There are many of them who have been in the market for a long time such as Hootsuit, Sprout Social, Buffer, Social Oomph or Klout

In this article we look at some of the other social media management tools and compare their features to our own.

Buffer is one of the easiest social media management tools available on the market. The creation of updates is just as simple as Sociota’s and their time setter is just as effective. However, Buffer has a rather limited capacity. Their free accounts only allow you to include one LinkedIn, one Facebook and one Twitter account. Their premium package allows you to have 12 accounts managed but that barely compares to Sociota’s unlimited philosophy. Even our regular account holders have no limits on the number of profiles users can manage with us.

There are also limits on the number of Tweets that can be scheduled. At any one time only 10 can be scheduled in on the free account for Buffer. While this gives users three times the amount of scheduled Tweets during a single month, most users would have to log in at least once a day to add in new content. Sociota allows you to schedule in as many updates as you like at one time.

Hootsuite like Sociota gives you the option of an unlimited number of scheduled messages. It also covers other platforms like Facebook, very much as Sociota does. There are some reporting features on Hootsuite, but in comparison they are harder to manage. Each report takes a significant amount of time to reload. Our MagicBox feature allows you to automatically refresh the information data to keep the information up-to-date.

Hootsuite also doesn’t give you the option to share the results of your social media campaigns like Sociota through our API system.

Sprout Social is probably one of the most advanced social management tools available besides our own. They offer many of the features that we do, expect there are more limits on what you can get access to. For instance, even their third level only allows management of 30 profiles by three users. None of our pricing options have limits on the number of profiles you can manage and we don’t limit the number of team members your account can have.

Their support system is also limited. They only offer support five days a week in comparison to Sociota’s full coverage. This is really important for brands that actively use social media on the weekends, the time when there is more engagement with content.

Social oomph is a powerful management tool and is especially powerful if you ignore the free option and go straight for the paid option. However, their management is just about publishing and growing a network. It offers limited analysis of your campaigns. Campaign management is so important in social media as you cannot actually learn about what content is performing well.

Also social oomph limits free account members to only 5 Twitter accounts and no Facebook accounts. A Facebook account is very important and is one of the first things customers look for when they are researching a business online line.

Klout is another option for those looking to manage their social media profiles. Klout offers only one account from each network. This can be pretty poor for organisations that have more than one account for either different locations or different departments. Also the Klout score is rather simple which only gives an indication of your success. Sociota, while having a similar score system, also goes further by offering exceptional analysis tools which can be updated regularly and shared on your blog, website or social media channels.

Given the notes we’ve made above, we acknowledge that there are some powerful tools out there. But on the balance we believe Sociota is the best platform for you to manage your social media campaigns.

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