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Four Uses For Social Media You Might Not Have Realised

Four Uses For Social Media You Might Not Have Realised
by Nitin Tripathi Posted on Tuesday, October 7, 2014
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Social media is becoming a bigger part of our lives and ignoring the benefits can mean youlose out. In order not to miss out try to embrace social media and how it can support your life.

1. Secure You A New Role

Last year alone, 15% of new jobs were secured when businesses used social media to source candidates directly from their social media profiles. As well as being found directly social media can support you in searching for job opportunities and by proving your credentials online.

In fact, 92% of all businesses use social media in some part of their recruitment drives. This can be right from the beginning of candidate searches to vetting of potential employees. Therefore getting your profile online and employer friendly could be a step to securing a promotion.

2. Receive Freebies

The best businesses build relationships with their potential customers. One of the best ways they do this is by offering free samples online. A classic example of this would be ebooks, where Amazon offers publishers a chance to promote their works for free for 5 days if they are part of a program.

Other offers include free food samples or household supplies. By following brands or keeping an eye on certain hashtags you can discover these special offers.

3. Keeping Up To Date With The News

Social media is a great place for the latest news to be broadcasted. Nearly every organisation in the world has a social media account and they will often release news over their social media channels.

This has by far replaced updating websites, as Twitter and Facebook are easier to post news on than a website. Classic examples of this are: plane operators and sports venues.

4. Discovering New Places To Visit

Whether you are looking for a great place to eat out at or for a vacation spot, social media can support your quest to find the perfect location. Searches can include finding the restaurant’s advertisements, reviews about the location or websites advertising local attractions.Either way there is a wealth of information available to find the next great place for you. 


Social media has a wide range of applications to support you in your everyday life. One of the problems however with social media platforms is that they are often clumsy in the way they present this information. Twitter for instance has several screens which you have to flick between to discover the information you want. The solution to this is to use a social media management program, like Sociota, which can display the information on one page, making it easier to discover what you want. By using a social media management site you can improve your life, obtaining new jobs, receiving free products and discovering new adventures.

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