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Four Reasons Why You Need A Social Media Management Tool

Four Reasons Why You Need A Social Media Management Tool
by Sociota Posted on Wednesday, September 17, 2014
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Social media management is one of the most important activities for your business in today’s digital world. Customers expect businesses to have a social media presence and most will complete research on brands and products through Facebook, Twitter and other platforms before making a purchasing decision.

The right social media management strategy can therefore drive a substantial amount of traffic to your website and generate a significant number of leads. Therefore, you need to ensure you are managing your account properly. For this a social media management tool is probably one of the best investments you can make.

Here are three reasons why you need to use a social media management tool:


1. It Can Save Time

Manually inputting social media updates can be a time consuming endeavour. Firstly you have to sign in and out of the various accounts you have, enter in the content and then publish it. To maintain a decent online profile you have to do this several times a day. Some experts estimate this can consume between one or two hours a day.

A good social media management tool will allow you to schedule in your content for future release across multiple platforms. Even if you run a highly active social media account; the scheduled posts for a week can be done within 1 hour for all your platforms. With just a few minutes checking into the accounts every day (via your management tool) you could save hours a week which can be put to other productive uses.


2. It Saves Money

Even pay-for options on social media management tools can save you significant money. The minimum wage in the US is currently $7.25 (depending on the state); therefore, an average employee working social media is costing at least $314.16 per month. Using a social media management tool can save up to $3000 per year.

In addition, as the money generating activities have been already completed, the economic productivity of the employee (i.e. the amount they earn the business) will increase as they switch some hours spent on social media to other activities. Therefore, not only does using a social media management system save your business money – it can increase your revenue.


3. It Gives Your Strategy Focus

Social media can be rather distracting. It only takes a few comments for you to respond to or an interesting piece of content and you are distracted, spending significantly more time on social media than you had wanted to.

However, utilising a social media management tool allows you to input the data and leave while not being distracted. In addition, because all your profiles can be updated at once, or scheduled for release at the same time, your content can be perfectly co-ordinated so it seems more professional.


4. It Allows You To Monitor Your Successes 

One of the features of the best social media management tools is the in-depth statistical analysis. With this you’ll be able to notice what content is attracting your audience and design more content like it. You’ll also be able to see how your campaigns are faring over a longer period, notice trends and plan for future trends.

Getting the content right can mean the difference between having your content going viral or  not. The statistics provided in many social media management tools include the number of  shares, comments, likes and followers. These can often be measured in a snapshot fashion or on a timeline to record trends.



Social media is an essential part of your online marketing activities. However, it can be time consuming and cost your business significantly if you don’t implement the right procedures to make it effective. One of the best investments you can make is with a social media management tool. Sociota will save you time, money and give you direction on your campaigns so you can expand your brand’s market penetration.

Learn more about Sociota, a new social media management tool today and see how it can increase the awareness of your brand.

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