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Are You Using Facebook Properly?

Are You Using Facebook Properly?
by Priyanka Sharma Posted on Wednesday, October 29, 2014
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The average user on Facebook has a possible 1,5000 stories that are filtered through their News Feeds. Only about 20% of them will actually show. To ensure yours are included on the news feed of your important Facebook connections, you can try any of these following approaches:

1. Remove links from the copy

Ensure your copy is as succinct as possible by removing long urls from the text you are sharing. The space in your post is valuable and you want to make sure that each character is used purely for grabbing the attention of the reader. Any user can click on the generated thumbnail or title and this will direct them to your landing page, blog, website, etc.

2. Have photos over links

Photos on Facebook can generate 53% more likes and 104% more comments than posts without. Therefore, it is important that as part of your posting schedule you include an image that is associated with the update, whether this is the image for the blog post, a product image or a group photo of those in your company attending your event.

3. Optimise Image Size

Although optimising the image size doesn’t make much of a difference in the majority of cases, it can in some circumstances. For example, when the image is too large and Facebook crops the image which can lead to some embarrassing images of people missing arms or worse. Images uploaded to a Company Page are displayed in image boxes that are 403 pixels squared. If you are sharing a link, the preview thumbnail is displayed in an image box, 156 pixels by 116 pixels, while videos have a preview thumbnail size of 156 pixels by 87 pixels.

4. Reposition Timeline Photos

If you are using the image across multiple channels or are having difficulties in finding a photo to fit the Facebook dimensions, you can optimise the positioning of the visual. To do this, use the arrow on the upper right side of the post and choose the option ‘Reposition Photo’, adjust the position of the photo with the resulting cursor and when it is in the right place click on the blue ‘Save’ button.

5. Highlight Your Horizontal Photos

You don’t have to stick to the limiting dimensions that Facebook state for their images. You can share horizontal photos on your wall by using the ‘Highlight’ option. To use this option click on the arrow in the top right corner of an uploaded update and choose the ‘Highlight’ option. This will then expand the image across your wall.

6. Post To Your Timeline Before Your Album

They may be great for organisation, but albums limit the engagement each photo can have. There have been recorded instances when there has no engagement with photos directly added to an album whereas the same image uploaded to the Timeline has continuous interactions. Therefore, if you have a new image first upload it to your Timeline and then wait between 6-8 hours before going back and then attaching it to an album.

7. Limit Your Link Titles To Under 100 Characters

For any title that is longer than 100 characters, Facebook will automatically cut off the end of the title, which will look unprofessional and possibly remove the main message you are trying to convey to your audience. Therefore, ensure you are editing your link titles so they fit within 100 characters.

8. Keep Posts Short

While the length of the copy does not directly affect comments, research has indicated that the shorter the length of copy on your update the more engagement there is on a post. Therefore keep yours posts as short as possible.


Facebook is one of the most important platforms for your business to engage with your audience. To ensure your content is passed onto the user’s feed you need to create content that is optimised for the platform. Use the suggestions above to increase your chances to be viewed by all your brand’s followers.

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