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7 ways to make best use of your social network

7 ways to make best use of your social network
by Nitin Tripathi Posted on Saturday, September 20, 2014
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Social media is an integral part of our day to day life today and there are many reasons why you need social media. So much so that what happens on social media affects our everyday life. Every social media profile is a statement by the owner of the profile as to who he/she is in real life. Its a digitized reflection of the real world on the virtual world. Here are a list of 7, excluding the 3 most obvious ways as to how to increase your social media reach.


1. Be Personal and Funny --but know your limits


2. Use Hashtags-- but don't over do it



3. Comment on blogs with Facebook comments




4. Use Call to Actions

“like this page if u are awesome”

“What do u think leave a comment below”

“liked it share it with your friends"

Simple statements like these do generate results. According to a report a call to action results in 27% more activities compared to the one without one. Let me explain how it works. We all know people are tempted to share like or comment on a post it just helps if someone asks to do so. Humans are more inclined to do things they are asked to do hence always ask people to like comment and share your post.


5. Ask Questions

Have you ever tried asking your friends to give 5 good or bad points on you. Try noticing that even people who don’t know you well enough might tempt to answer such question. That is because people want to show how well they are aware of things. Its basic human nature to try and brag about their knowledge or opinion. Asking questions also shows that you value their opinion or have trust in their knowledge. It projects you as a humble person and you gain some respect.

On the other hand you get to know quite a lot of opinions and gather a lot of information on the topic.


6. Connect with other pages

Connecting with other page makes you visible on pages that have a certain amount of reach. It is like clubbing two user base into one and increasing your reach. This also helps you try and interact with people on a different page and increase the chances of reaching more people.


7. Use Images

Picture says a thousand words

Always keep this in your mind. It is probably the single most effective tool to increase interaction on your posts or tweets. People tend to remember a picture more than words. Its visually appealing and more interactive. Think of it this way pictures are a lab experiment and words are books. Its very intuitive for people understand and grasp ideas with a picture than with text.


8. Content is king


Content is king, there is no parallel to it. There is nothing better than a good content and the relevance to the topic is even more important. Create great content. If you are not good at it look for good content on the web. Give it a catchy title and trust me the chances of people interacting with your content increase dramatically.


9. Use analytics

Analytics never fails only the interpretation of it can. Analytics can always be a great tool for you to figure out the who is active on which date and when. Use such date to your advantage and you will never have to think when to tweet.


10. Use your location


Using location in hashtag or otherwise a great idea for you to give an added information to the reader about you. Be it your business or a personal update. One is more likely to attract a larger interaction once location is mentioned. Remember an average conversation with a strange you have had. One of the first information one exchanges after a ’Hi’ is ‘where are you from’. It makes the content personalized and in the world of internet people from the same city can bond as well as one bonds with ones next door neighbour.


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